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Therapeutic Endorsements

I had the privilege working with Dr. Johnson at an inpatient behavioral hospital. Dr. Johnson is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and loving individual i have ever met. not only is Dr. Johnson very vast and knowledgeable of what she does, she is best at it. Dr. Johnson consistently utilizes her excellent therapeutic skills when working with clients while displaying excellent listening and communication skills. She is well knowledgeable and skilled at using CBT, motivational Interviewing as well as person centered techniques in her therapeutic practice. With Dr. Johnson, superiority, focus and excellence is the order of the day. It is definitely an honor without a doubt to work with her.
C. Uchechukwu
“Doctor Maritza Johnson is by far one of the most Adolescent Therapist I have met that just brings a sense of peace and Joy whenever she arrives to work. I have been in this business for 8 years and have witnessed the magnetism and enthusiasm the kids have with her. She is just a ray of hope and sunshine every day I work with her. I can honestly say i am proud to work with her and amazed of all the lives she enhances every day. I recently found her on social media doing therapy and follow her every day when I can to bring such joy and peace to me in my life. For this I just want give her a Huge Thank You for effecting my life in a positive direction all day long .”
S. Busch
“I had the sincere pleasure of working with Dr. Johnson in our outpatient PHP of Cypress Creek Hospital. Dr Johnson displays excellent therapeutic skills, and shows care for her patients in an empathetic manner. She is also a valued colleague who consistently displays patience and kindness with all those she interacts with. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson for any opportunity to perform services on clients. I believe that Dr. Johnson has proven to be an asset to the health care community and continues to demonstrate a passion for learning and helping others. She is hard working, energetic, and willing to learn. Her desire to learn and utilize her skills and knowledge allows her to excel in her endeavors. I highly recommend without reservation Dr. Johnson to provide superior and proficient care to the community.”
P. Johnson
“Dr. Maritza is an amazing therapist. She provides a warm and welcoming environment to anyone in her presence. She is responsive to a clients’ needs and knowledgeable in the field of counseling. It’s rare to have a therapist that is understanding and is open to you. I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking help in a judgement-free environment.”
A. Williams
“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Johnson at an inpatient facility. Dr. Johnson not only has excellent therapeutic skills but also has compassion and empathy for every client she serves. Her patience and willingness to help her colleagues and clients reflected a true leader with complete humility. She is skilled at using CBT techniques in her therapeutic practice and her focus is service with excellence. It would be an honor to work with her again in the future.”
B. Brittain
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