"Teens and Things" Group Therapy

L.B. Johnson Therapeutics welcomes a new group therapy that has been put together to discuss the challenges and problems faced by young adolescent girls today. The name of this group is “Teens and Things.” We cater to teenage girls with various things to address and talk about. This group aims to teach and transform our adolescent girls into women who model the style and character of healthy womanhood, with mental health being the focus.
The mission of this group is “to mold adolescent girls by mentoring and guiding them with therapeutic guidance, support, and wisdom.” This group aims to engage in fun, creative, evidence-based ways to reverse the cycle of low self-esteem and employ lifelong techniques for future coping. We plan to have positive activities, positive and fun activities, and life discussions. We know from past experiences that some young girls may not speak with their parents about issues but can talk to someone else more freely and openly. L. B. Johnson Therapeutics, PLLC, will become that outlet for them but also teach them positive ways to cope with their mental health as they maneuver through life.
The therapy group rates are ($30) Per Group. The criteria consist of girls ages 13-18 who deal with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and peer and social issues. If you are interested in your daughter attending this group via in-person or telehealth, please send a message through the website’s contact box. Groups will be held every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in person or virtual. 

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